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Purosol Biocompatible Skincare Cleanser+ REFILL

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Purosol™ Biocompatible Skincare Cleanser+ 

The Purosol Biocompatible Skincare Cleanser is activated with ultra-pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl) specifically formulated for your skin's natural pH barrier. Gentle on the skin, contains no alcohol or parabens, no skin stinging. Ideal for sensitivity, irritated, or dry skin.

Exclusive for use with the MyMistian Micro-Mist or Purosol Micro-Mist (not included)

Use: HYDRATE and PROTECT against environmental pollutants, personal air space, your skin, mask and electronic devices. 

SIZE: 8oz / 240 ml


  • Purifying the Air
  • Boosting Alertness
  • Ease Stress
  • Facial Mister
  • On-The-Go Activities