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As the NLP team met about the COVID-19 outbreak, it was immediately apparent these new times created an unprecedented demand for sustainable environmental hygiene protocols in all indoor environments.

The Beyond Clean™ Program was launched through the compassion of accomplished executives to pursue forward-thinking non-toxic solutions to protect lives and serve the world.

Our goal is to create unique products and systems that contribute to protect the environment and improve people’s ability to interact together in indoor spaces. 


Combining innovative technology with outstanding design, we bring you an outstanding air purification system. The Beyond Clean MedicAir 2.0 is designed to fit seamlessly into any environment, enabling you to safely continue with your everyday activities and encouraging you to achieve your maximum potential.

The Beyond Clean MedicAir 2.0 system has undergone rigorous testing both in the UK and North America. In addition, the Medical team has conducted two extensive literature reviews assessing the need and efficiency of air purification technologies in medical practices.

“Combining innovative technology with outstanding design and user convenience, our sophisticated air purification system ensures the highest levels of protection and reassurance in everyday environments. Our products are designed to fit seamlessly into any environment, enabling the user to safely continue with everyday activities in the safe and certain knowledge of premium quality air.” - Dr Bryant


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Beyond Clean MedicAir 2.0 Overview