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Cinagro™ 360 Phytoclean

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Next Level Plant Hygiene™


Cinagro's 360 PHYTOCLEAN plant cultivator & cleanser contains an ultra-pure super-oxidizing agent safe for foliar application. 360 PHYTOCLEAN naturally prevents powdery mildew, black mold, brown mold, and grey mold from growing on your plants. With 360 PHYTOCLEAN's proven formula you can be assured that you will have increased growth rates and optimized yields. 

360 PHYTOCLEAN can be applied to seeds, clones, and mature plants to keep them clean from infestation. Clean plants should be stronger, healthier, and have stronger photosynthesis. 


  • Effective against powdery mildew, mold, fungal growth, and root rot
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Reduces biofilm buildup found in fertigation lines/tanks
  • No PPE equipment required
  • 100% safe for humans, plants, and animals
  • Rinse seeds – reduces mortality rate, increases germination
  • Safely cleans grow area and equipment, leaving no toxic residue
  • Post-harvest wash plants and buds too

This eco-friendly concentrated solution can also be used to clean root zones, which leads to more effective nutrient intake. It is also important to note that our 360 PHYTOCLEAN increases the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of water. This product can be used from the seeding stage to harvest and leaves zero toxic residues once it dries.