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MySphr™ Hand Hygiene Kit

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MySphr™ is a new innovation in personal, wearable delivery devices designed exclusively to safely dispense Electrolyzed Hand Defense+ for a hypoallergenic hand hygiene experience.

MySphr™ empowers you to cleanse your hands On-the-Go ANYTIME!

MySphr™ Kit includes:

  • Solid black mySphr™ with a quick-release black lanyard
  • Electrolyzed Hand Defense+ 8oz Refill 
  • Retractable refiller wand


  • Simple, convenient and complete in form & function   
  • Eliminates the time, hassle and thought required to visit a dispenser 
  • Designed exclusively for Hand Defense+, a safe, hypoallergenic cleanser favorable to all skin types and sensitivities*
  • Promotes environmental sustainable practices                                                       

* Not recommended for use with alcohol-based products


  • Made with food-grade silicone & a patented drip-free refill valve     
  • Finished with a tactile soft-touch, anti-static, stain-resistant coating   
  • Powerful magnet ensures mySphr™ stays firmly attached to the quick-release lanyard (included) or any magnetic surface 
  • Holds 15 ml of Hand Defense+ for over 20 applications per refill 
  • Easily refills with the telescopic filling stick (included) 
  • Ergonomic design for frictionless one-hand operation   
  • Durable design for years of use

Electrolyzed Hand Defense+ (8oz Refill + Dispenser)

Hand Defense+ delivers the power of HOCl** into the palm of your hands with a high-performance medical-grade formula. This pure cleansing solution brings a gentle and natural balance to your hands with soothing and comforting results.

INGREDIENTS: Electrolyzed oxygenated water, hypochlorous acid

FREE OF: Alcohol, parabens, fragrance, phthalates, sulfates, gluten, and dye.

    **The active ingredient of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is naturally produced and released within white blood cells as a key component of the internal defense system, working to eradicate pathogens (including viruses, bacteria, and fungus), fight against infection, reduce inflammation, control responses to injury, and enhance
    the healing process.

     Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.